Lessons, Classes, and Services

Private Lessons

  • One-on-one.

  • In-person or virtual. (In-person recommended.)

  • 30 minutes ($40)

  • 60 minutes ($60)

  • All ages.

  • All levels.

  • Acoustic or electric guitars.

Niko Lalangas is a 27-year veteran of formal music schools. At that time, he taught in New York and currently teaches in North Carolina. He provides high-quality lessons for all ages, levels, styles, and genres. Acoustic and electric guitar lessons are available. Learn from an organized, custom-designed curriculum with goals.

  • Read notation, tablature, and diagrams.

  • Learn theory.

  • Navigate the guitar fretboard logically and with ease.

  • Learn a variety of valuable techniques.

  • Enjoy discovering songs as well as learning songs you love.

man playing guitar in grayscale photography
man playing guitar in grayscale photography

A.M.P. Workshop

1 hour class, $60
  • Do you have a pedal board that needs setting up?

  • Did you buy a new pedal that you can't figure out?

  • Have you purchased a new digital amp with onboard effects that you can't figure out?

  • Have you recently migrated from a traditional amp and pedal board to a modern multi-effects unit?

  • Do you need help getting the most out of your patches?

In 2017, Niko Lalangas was a featured writer in Line 6's newsletters. His articles appeared every month for 2 years strong! Niko's articles covered unique setups, gear tutorials, reviews, and more.

"I like to push gear to its limits. Ironically, you find out what something is completely capable of when you discover what it can't do. By pushing boundaries and unleashing imagination we can discover a whole new world of sounds and ways to control them."

  1. Master effects chains.

  2. Perfect live tone.

  3. Improve recording tone.

  4. Learn to work with stereo effects and more to create a BIG sound.

  5. Learn how to automate effects changes efficiently.

  6. Setup a clean and efficient rig.

black and white audio mixer
black and white audio mixer
Niko is experienced with:

Boss: Katana amplifiers, ME-70/80 floorboards, Classic pedals, GT series effects processors, Boss/Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizers

Line 6: The Helix family of products (Helix floor/rack, Helix LT, HX Effects, HX Stomp
/XL), Pod floorboards (Pod XT Live, Pod HD500/x, Pod Go/Wireless), Variax Guitars, Catalyst amplifiers,

Blackstar (ID-Core amplifiers, Amped floor amps), Headrush family (MX5, Gigboard, Floorboard/Prime, Loopboard)

Fender, Marshall, and many others!


Experience is the best teacher.
Sessions are $80 for the first class, $60 for additional hour sessions.

Teaching is a rewarding job that is both challenging and fun. Teachers have a great deal of responsibilities. Niko Lalangas offers pedagogy and andragogy to give new teachers the tools to make the very best of their teaching careers.

Classes benefit part-time and full-time teachers.

What is pedagogy?

• The art and science of teaching children.

What is andragogy?

• The art and science of teaching adults.

The most important aspect of being a private guitar teacher is to KEEP STUDENTS. Whether you work independently or work for a school it’s important to keep students for as long as possible. A high turnover in a student roster is an indication that a teacher isn’t doing a very good job.

Keeping students means success, which means making more money. For the students, it means they are getting their money’s worth while they learn and progress over time.

love to learn pencil signage on wall near walking man
love to learn pencil signage on wall near walking man
What do you get with Niko’s pedagogy & andragogy class?
  • Niko’s guide book.

  • An education based on 27 years of formal teaching experience:

    • Music schools & privately.

    • Online and in-person.

    • All ages children to teens and adults.

    • All levels beginners to advanced levels.

  • One-on-one classes with Niko Lalangas

  • Sample lessons and guidance to help you shape your own curriculum.

Music Consultation

$60 per hour.

Doing what you love is essential, but it is challenging. When business and pleasure meet, how do we maximize our experiences? How do we make money without sacrificing enjoyment?

The answer is to stay organized!

Niko Lalangas has worked in music for 27 years covering everything from working in music schools to performing, recording, doing presentations, and more!

Consultation is one hour long and can be in your home, Niko's home, a public place, or even an online conference call.

  • Get the most out of your private students or the venue you've chosen to teach at.

  • Learn the tricks to keeping students interested and continuing!

  • Learn how to organize your lessons and methods for maximum efficiency and progress.

Live music venue?
  • Learn how to make the most of your advertising.

  • Discover simple ways to accommodate both patrons and musicians.

  • Acquire the best organizational skills so people will come back again and again!

Are you starting a band? New to gigging? Want to work as a full-time musician?
  • Learn how to make money.

  • Get organized! Get productive!

  • Learn how to prepare and write proper personal ads and band posters and how to stay organized!

  • Discover the best ways to meet the musicians you want to play with.

black smartphone near person
black smartphone near person

For music venues, businesses, aspiring musicians and bands, teachers, and schools.