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In addition to his own personal blog, Niko Lalangas wrote for The Blogging Musician, a website run by musician and writer Adam Harkus. The Blogging Musician features over 20 contributing writers who share their wealthy of musical knowledge and experiences with readers worldwide. In 2017, Line 6 recognized the website and featured Niko's articles in their monthly newsletters and across social media over the next few years. Wonderful!

This privilege has given Niko acknowledgment by the guitar community, and a chance to work with top gear by Line 6. 

Niko Lalangas uses Line 6 Helix and Powercab 212 Plus in his main rig when he goes on stage to perform.

"Helix is powerful, user-friendly, and so reliable for any performance situation. I haven't found an equal on the market."

To read the articles, head to Niko Lalangas' blogs on The Blogging Musician website.